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Welcome to the Sprawl - Running the Shadows by Sirdan87 Welcome to the Sprawl - Running the Shadows by Sirdan87
The job was suppose to be easy....But sometimes things don't go according to plan...

In one of the many Renraku Corporation buildings where we were sent to retrieve simple data for a rival company. All was going well until...

Sirdan: How much longer till the Data is downloaded?
Hope: Just a few more minutes. Then we'll be out of here.
Turbo: Any idea why the person wanted this data so badly?
E: No clue. But Knowing that it involved my touch of expertise means they didn't want this information getting into the wrong hands...
Hope: Ok, that's all the data. About to...

Sparks Fly from Hope's Data jack port.

Hope: Damn it!
Sirdan: The hell just happen?
Hope: Black I_C. It triggered just after I got the data. I must have missed a firewall.
Turbo: I had a funny feeling this was gonna be too easy. How long till we expect company?
E: Less than a minute. We're gonna need to hunker down till we can figure out a way to thin out security.
Sirdan: That case, get that desk there and let Hope manage the security channels. We need to make a clear break in order to get out of here alive. Turbo, I'll provide suppression fire to help you get in close.
Turbo: Got it!
E: I'll provide my own light show with my lightening spells.
Hope: Hacking into security now!
Sirdan: Showtime, get ready!

Just a few seconds later, the room was filled will gunshots and magical energy was crackling as the group attempts to make it out alive... Welcome to the Sprawl.

Characters and art belong to the following:

Art by: :iconlady-cybercat:

Sirdan: :iconsirdan87:

Hope: :iconhopeywolf:



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ogrebear Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Not quite ya std running team, but cool....
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October 1, 2013
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